Other Initiatives

Three of the many initiatives that Dr. Laar has been/is part of are highlighted here. These are the House of Mentoring & Research Resources (HM2R)African Mentoring Association (AMA) and HIV360 Group

The House of Mentoring and Research Resources (HM2R) is an independent, not for profit global research and capacity building think tank. HM2R is currently registered in the statutes books of Ghana as a multi-country think tank. Comprising a network of academics, researchers, practitioners, and eager-to-learn young people from over ten countries, HM2R’s prime goal is to mentor, to capacity building,  and to conduct research that impacts on the researched and on policy. To learn more about House of Mentoring & Research Resources (HM2R), please click here http://www.hm2r.org/

The Africa Mentoring Association (AMA) is a non-profit association of African mentoring professionals and mentees in the higher, second cycle, and basic education sectors, business, not-for-profit, for-profit, and government sectors. It’s AMA’s goal to offer the most current information in the constantly evolving field of mentoring best practices in an organized, accessible, and easy-to-use format.  AMA’s credentialed Mentors bring unique experiences and a fresh perspective from their various fields of mentoring. You can read more about African Mentoring Association (AMA) here http://www.africamentoringassociation.org/about-us/

Current collaborations have offered Dr. Laar and colleagues the opportunity to engage multidisciplinary stakeholders (Sociologists, Virologists, Immunologists, Nutritionists, Public Health Researchers, Clinicians, Service providers, PLHIV, Ethicists, Policy Analysts, etc) – a partnership required for effective research on all aspects of HIV and AIDS. HIV360 is one of hm2r’s call for partnership aimed at synergizing, and mentoring the next generation of public health leaders. This is motivated by the fact the HIV remains an important infectious disease that continues to have adverse impacts on millions of people. Further, there is an acknowledgment of the unmet need for mentoring in various aspects of the disease.  This group thus addresses Research and Practice issues covering all dimensions of HIV.  Working closely with national and international institutions, the HIV360 Research Group will conduct high-quality basic research, clinical research, social, and behavioral research as well as ethical and policy analysis.  Lateral mentoring and more importantly mentoring the next generation of leaders is embedded in all of these activities. Read more about the  HIV360 Group here  http://www.hiv360.org/about-hiv360/