I am a university lecturer with academic training in Nutrition, Public Health, and Bioethics. I am also the Founder of House of Mentoring and Research Resources (HM2R), founding Trustee of the Africa Mentoring Association (AMA), Convener of HIV360, co-Convener of the Ghana Research Integrity Development (GRID) Conference, and the Ghana Research Ethics Consortium (GREC). I am currently the President of the African Nutrition Society (ANS).

In my independent scholarship, I draw on theoretical, conceptual, and methodological perspectives from the social sciences, bioethics, and public health to understand how physical environment, social environment, and structural forces affect health. Currently, my research focuses on two distinct, yet related areas of public health: bioethics (ethics & public health; health & human rights, and food ethics); public health nutrition (food literacy, food environment, food systems, nutrition-related non-communicable diseases, and the nexus between food environment and health). I currently run INFORMAS in Ghana with support from colleagues and collaborators (http://www.informas.org/countries/ghana-kenya/)

 I spent the past decade exploring mainly, the “socio-cultural, socio-ethical, and medico-ethical dimensions of HIV. Trained a mixed-methods researcher, I have extensive experience in implementation research, programme evaluations, policy analysis, and qualitative research methodologies. I deploy a wide range of approaches e.g. content analysis, interest analysis, and theoretical human rights analysis in my bioethics-driven investigations.

www.alaar.org shares quite a bit of my own work, including all of my scholarly works (currently 1 book, 5 book chapters, 69 peer-reviewed journal articles; and over 70 conference papers). I have also included some of my non-academic works (e.g. 17 OpEds/feature articles, and commentaries in local print/electronic media). The site also contains details of my teaching & mentoring efforts, consultancy services, my grants & research projects, talks, lectures & presentations, and interviews I have rendered.  I believe users will find the content of the site, particularly the resources useful.