Teaching & Mentoring

Teaching Experience

During ten years of teaching at many levels at the University of Ghana – from undergraduate, masters, and doctoral levels, I have been constantly learning and gaining experience as to what makes an effective teacher. Prior to my appointment as a Lecturer in May 2010, I had experienced teaching as a student; but also as a teaching assistant at the University of Ghana (Department of Nutrition and Food Science) in 2004, and much later – in Fall 2010; Fall 2013, as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the Center for Bioethics, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MN, USA.  These and others, have offered me the opportunity to hone my teaching skills. I, therefore, have demonstrated teaching experience in public health, bioethics, and nutrition.

In my first four semesters as a Lecturer at the University of Ghana School of Public Health, I taught four different courses (Nutrition Surveillance, Diet and Diseases, Nutritional Status Assessments, and Introduction to Family Health). In the fifth semester, I developed one course anew (Public Health Approaches to HIV and AIDS), co-developed a doctoral-level course anew (Nutrition for Public Health Programming), and currently developing others – in Bioethics as part of a masters program we are about to introduce.  During my 10 years of teaching, I have been involved in graduate-level curriculum development (Executive Master of Public Health Program, Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health, and University-wide competency-based HIV course at the University of Ghana, and currently leading the development of MSc. in Bioethics curriculum). I have provided services to e University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho, Ghana in the development and evaluation of their Bachelor of Public Health Program. I have also mentored/supervised over 70 graduate and undergraduate students from the University of Ghana, University of South Africa, the Nagasaki University of Japan, and currently from the University of Sheffield, UK.

Teaching Philosophy

Authorities in Education characterize teaching as both a science and an art, and is driven by theoretical learning designs, inquiry, as well as reflection. Some believe that great teachers are born, others believe good teachers are made. I personally believe best teachers display a combination of both – innate teaching ability and hard work over many years of surmounting teaching challenges. My philosophy of teaching is informed by this and others – the material I teach, relevant scholarship, the lessons I have learned from my research, professional interactions, and personal teaching successes and failures. The concepts of active learning and collaboration are central to my philosophy of teaching.

I believe in sharing. My personal conviction that knowledge, unlike bread, does not diminish when shared, shape the nature, selection, and use of my pedagogic material.  These materials ought to be open access, or if need be, are accessed and distributed to students within limits of copyright laws. Thus, I put in a lot of effort destabilizing information asymmetry, and knowledge inequities.

As a teacher, the most important lesson I have learned during the past half-decade of teaching has been the realization that teaching, irrespective of setting, field, or level, ought to involve the key stakeholder (students) not as mere recipients of knowledge, but as active participants in decision making. To illustrate, the power of allowing students to communicate their needs when I first taught a second-year undergraduate public health ethics course. My initial idea was to deploy predominantly didactic lectures, a few case studies and vignettes – keeping student presentations to my graduate-level courses.  However, questions and comments by the students during the course introduction made it clear that my intended plan was not their preferred option. After a discussion with the class, we introduced student presentations. I was elated to learn toward the end of the semester that this worked well.  Student presentations have since become core in my courses irrespective of level. Student presentations not only give students valuable experience in expressing themselves, it adds variety to the class and helps encourage peers to think critically about the material presented.

To challenge and be challenged by my students is another teaching expectation. I encourage and challenge my students to mentor-mentee sharing, peer-peer sharing, peer-peer mentoring, and role reversal exercises. I encourage brainstorming sessions, group work including group presentations. I also expect to be challenged by my students, something I communicate to the class in the early days of the course. I encourage my students to ask questions. My students know I do not have the answers to all of their questions. Whenever I am stuck, I seek their inputs, and after the session I consult relevant resources. I challenge my students to understand that I am open to their thoughts, I am eager to receive their contributions and thrilled to learn with and through them.

Yet, another essential part of my teaching philosophy is that students need to learn not only to assimilate course material but also to communicate and share it effectively. I push my students toward making informed decisions about the merits of arguments that are presented assigned reading material.   I provide students with questions to think about while consuming these reading materials so that their reading is motivated and directed.  Such questions relate to the main claim in reading material, evidence used to support the claim, whether the evidence that is offered indeed support the claim; why or how; and the implications of the findings.

Finally, I attempt to inspire growth in my students by giving them both disciplinary and interdisciplinary tools to take into other domains of their life.  This includes some of Agathon’s “Twelve Virtues of a Good Teacher:  Gravity (seriousness), Humility, Patience, Zeal, and Generosity”.

Teaching Interests

I have a broad set of teaching interests. I currently teach courses in Public Health Nutrition, Global Health, and Bioethics – as outlined below.


 Programs developed

MSc. in Bioethics (currently being developed)

I am a Co-Principal Investigator and Ghana Lead of an NIH-funded project which aims to build sustainable research ethics and integrity capacity in Ghana and will establish a Bioethics Program, which will establish a masters program (MSc. in Bioethics) at the University of Ghana.

  Courses developed and/or taught

Graduate-level courses developed/taught

PFRH 674 – Public Health Approaches to HIV and AIDS (MPH Program)

BIOE 604 Teaching and Writing Methods in Bioethics (MSc. in Bioethics)

BIOE 618 Food and Nutrition Ethics (MSc. in Bioethics)

RITP 103 Development of a Collaborative Research Output (NYU-UG Research Integrity Training Program)


Undergraduate-level courses

GSPH 213 – Introduction to Research Ethics (Bachelor of Public Health Program)

GSPH 302 – Infant and Young Child Feeding (Bachelor of Public Health Program)

GSPH 453 – Diet and Diseases (Bachelor of Public Health Program)


Student supervision and mentoring

I have supervised over 70 graduate and undergraduate theses from the University of Ghana, University of South Africa, the Nagasaki University of Japan, and from the University of Sheffield, UK.

Graduate Supervision

PhD Supervision and Advisory committee

# Name of Student Thesis title Supervisory Role Status
1 Deda Ogum Alangea


Determinants of Obesity among Basic School Pupils in the Ga-East Municipality Co-Supervisor


Graduated in 2015
2 Elizabeth Bako Parent Training and parent-adolescent communication on sexuality Co-Supervisor Graduated in 2015
3 Emefa E. Modey Contraceptive Discontinuation and Switching among women in Shai-Osudoku and Ningo Prampram districts (Formerly Dangme-West) Co-Supervisor Graduated in 2019
4 Cecilia Eliason Quality Of Life And Health Care Needs Of The Aged Co-Supervisor


Graduated in 2019
5 Miriam Iddrisu Early Reproductive Health (RH) choices of women and it’s influence on RH outcomes and practices in the Northern Region Co-Supervisor Graduated in 2015
6 Victoria S. L. Mumuni Quality of supervised antenatal,  intrapartum and postpartum care in district hospitals in the upper East Region of Ghana Co-Supervisor


Since 2013
7 Kyeremeh Atuahene


HIV and Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in two Ghanaian cities Primary Supervisor


Since 2014
8 Linda Vanotoo Predictors of intrapartum fetal deaths in singletons delivered secondary and tertiary facilities in the Greater Accra Region Co-Supervisor


Since 2014
9 Demi Lesta Chronic stress in pregnancy: implications on maternal mental health and pregnancy outcomes in Lower Manya Krobo District, Ghana. Primary Supervisor


Since 2015
10 Allotey Naa Korkor A Health Behaviour Model-Based Intervention to Improve Contraceptive Outcomes in the Northern Region of Ghana Co-Supervisor


Since 2015
11 Kasim Abdulai Assessment of Diet Quality and Cardiovascular Risk Factors of People Living With HIV/AIDS Primary Supervisor Since 2016
12 Zakia Abdul-haq A Nutrition Tool for the Prevention of Nutrition-Related Non-Communicable Diseases (NR-NCDS) in Ghana Co-Supervisor

University of Sheffield

Since 2016
14 Geoffrey Adebayo Asalu Pre-Packaged Food Labelling and Use Among Urban Consumers in Accra Co-Supervisor


Since 2017
15 Akuah Tandoh Examination of how children in Ghana interact with the food environment Primary Supervisor Since 2019


MA/MPH/MSc Supervision and Advisory Committee

# Name of Student Thesis title Supervisory Role Status
1 Belynda Amankwa Challenges and experiences associated with implementing the WHO HIV and infant feeding guidelines in Ghana. Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2011
2 Okotah Archibald Nii Boye Sexual and reproductive health knowledge and concerns: a survey of adolescent students in the Ga East District of the Greater Accra region Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2011
3 Celestina Asante Knowledge on emergency contraceptive pills among women seeking pregnancy termination services at the eastern regional hospital, Koforidua.


Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2011
4 Charlotte Nartey Asiedu Thesis title: Experiences of HIV-positive women receiving prevention of mother-to-child transmission services in the Accra Metropolitan Assembly Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2011
5 Kwame Kesse Adjei comparative study of modern contraceptives in private and public health facilities in Ga East Municipality Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2012
6 Evelyn Ayerko Appiah Reproductive health needs of adolescent school dropouts in the Ga East Municipality Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2012
7 Dzifa Adzoa Agbodohu Birth preparedness and complication readiness among expectant mothers at the Ridge Regional Hospital, Accra Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2013
8 Matilda Kumi-Mensah Breastfeeding practices of mothers who attend Ashaiman Polyclinic Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2014
9 Samson Korvah Arzoaquoi Common food taboos and beliefs during pregnancy in Yilo Krobo District Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2013
10 Ezekiel Apasera Utilization of HIV testing and counseling services by men in the Bolgatanga Municipality Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2013
11 Araba E. Taylor Fertility regulatory practices among HIV- positive women receiving care. Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2014
12 Perpetual Ofori-Ampofo Contraceptive knowledge and use among in-school adolescents in the Ga South Municipality of Accra Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2014
13 Zenobia Naana Sarfo Nutritional status and feeding practices of children from selected prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV sites. Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2014
14 Appiah Prince Kubi Assessment of nutritional status of school-age children in the Nkwanta South District – Volta Region of Ghana Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2014
15 Susan Ruby Efua Kumadi Birth preparedness among expectant teenagers in Ledzokuku Krowo Municipal Assembly (LEKMA) Primary Supervisor


Thesis is submitted for assessment in July 2015
16 Dun-Dery Elvis Junior The practice of exclusive breastfeeding among professional working mothers in Wa Central Municipality, Ghana. Primary Supervisor


Thesis is submitted for assessment in July 2015
17 Benedicta Kafui Atsu


Determinants of overweight with concurrent stunting among Ghanaian children Primary Supervisor


Thesis is submitted for assessment in July 2015
18 Adwoa Durowaa Williams (University of South Africa, UNISA) Factors impacting on feeding practices of infants 0-12 months which lead to malnutrition in a child welfare clinic in Tema New-Town, Ghana Co-supervisor Graduated 2014
19 Aiko Hatano, Nagasaki University Japan Long-term adherence to HIV care after delivery  among women living with HIV in Ghana’s Eastern Region Co-supervisor Graduated 2015
20 Matilda Deri Barriers to and enablers of the use of modern contraceptives among women of reproductive age in Jirapa district of the Upper West Region of Ghana Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2016
21 Akorfa Afenyo Drivers of maternal food choices for children under 5 years Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2016
22 Daniel Osei Early Infant Diagnosis of HIV in Eastern of Ghana: Stakeholders knowledge and implementation challenges Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2016
23 Timob G. Likida Early Infant Feeding Modality and The Nutritional Indicators of Children Aged 06-24 Months in The Mamprugu-Moakduri District of, Northern Region, Ghana Primary Supervisor Graduated 2017
24 Iddrissu Kunamsi Workplace Support for Exclusive Breastfeeding in Tamale: Perspectives of Employees and Management. Primary Supervisor Graduated 2017
25 Claudia Ewa The Association Between Health Literacy and Obesity Among Adolescents in Selected Schools in Adentan Municipality Primary Supervisor Graduated 2017
26 Gloria Osei Owusu Drivers Of Food Choices among Adolescent Girls in Lower Manya Krobo District Primary Supervisor Graduated 2017
27 Deborah Baafi Challenges associated with implementation of PMTCT Option B+ in the Techiman municipality Primary Supervisor Graduated 2017
28 Kafui  Odoom Quality of infant feeding counselling for HIV-positive women in the Ashiedu-Keteke Sub-metro of Accra Primary Supervisor Graduated 2017
29 Alice Adams Nutrition literacy and numeracy of healthcare providers in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality Primary Supervisor Graduated 2018
30 Jennifer Larri  

Home Support and Exclusive Breastfeeding: Perspecgives of Household Level Actors

Primary Supervisor Graduated 2018
31 Ifeyinwa Ernestina Osagie Uptake Of Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) Screening And Antiretroviral Therapy (Art) By Tuberculosis Clients In Adentan And Tema Greater Accra Region Of Ghana. Primary Supervisor Graduated 2018
32 Raphael  Aperko Sackitey Determinants of condom use among female sex workers Primary Supervisor Graduated 2018
33 Sandra Boakye Adolescents and adult first time mothers health seeking practices during pregnancy and early motherhood: A mixed methods study in Sunyani Municipality, Ghana Primary Supervisor Graduated 2018
34 John Gbenatey Factors contributing to the low uptake of ITPp among pregnant women at Kasoa, Central Region, Ghana. Primary Supervisor Graduated 2018
35 Timothy Awentok-Mahama  Asam Utilization of family planning services in the Builisa South District, Ghana Primary Supervisor Graduated 2018
36 Patience Tsrah Healthiness of foods on promotional flyers of Accra-based supermarkets Primary Supervisor Graduated 2018
37 Irene Kumi Healthiness of foods and beverages advertised on selected Ghanaian television programmes. Primary Supervisor Graduated 2019
38 Mathew Yosah Konlan Exploration of the food retail environment in Tamale Metropolis, Ghana Primary Supervisor Graduated 2019
39 Gideon S. Amevinya Commercial Food Advertising at the University of Ghana, Legon Campus Primary Supervisor Graduated 2019
40 Maxwell Konlan Nutrition standards and nature of foods sold at the university of Ghana canteens Primary Supervisor Graduated 2019
41 Priscilla Okomeng Assessing implementation outcomes of joint TB/HIV treatment programme in the Accra Metropolis: a qualitative study Primary Supervisor Since 2019
42 Sylvia Orleans-Walker Missed opportunities to ending

Mother to child transmission of

HIV in Ghana: a systematic review


Primary Supervisor Since 2019
43 Akosua Pokua Adjei Assessment of the food retail environment around selected basic schools in the Accra Metropolitan Assembly


Primary Supervisor Since 2019
44 Dorcas Manortey


Assessment of food retail environment and provisioning outlets in selected basic schools in Ashaiman Municipality Primary Supervisor Since 2019


BS/BSc/BPH Supervision and Advisory Committee

# Name of Student Thesis title Supervisory Role Status
1 Anna Ofori Retrospective study of childbirth outcomes in Suntreso Hospital, Kumasi, Ghana Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2012
2 Mawutor Adzoa Manyo Factors that influence the use of essential obstetric care facilities at Ashiedu Keteke Sub-Metro Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2012
3 Haggar Ankomah Obeng A retrospective study of child birth outcomes at the Tema General Hospital, Tema, Accra Ghana Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2012
4 Peggy Keteku The salt bank model for universal salt iodization in Ghana: a case study of the Nyanyano Salt Bank, Central Region. Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2013
5 Mavis Mwinisumbu Borsundeme Fuseini Monitoring of community iodized salt quality status in the La Dadekotokpon Municipality, Accra Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2013
6 Effah Kwaw Ernest Monitoring of community iodized salt quality status in the Tafo Sub – Metropolis in Kumasi in the Ashanti Region Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2013
7 Kaaih Edward Knowledge of obesity among health workers in the Wa Municipality Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2014
8 Ametepe Delight Elorm Obesity literacy and numeracy among health workers in the Hohoe Municipality, Volta Region. Primary Supervisor


Graduated 2014
9 Eva Phyllis Brown Efforts of health workers in protecting, promoting and supporting breastfeeding in Kintampo South District Primary Supervisor


Completed; project June 2015
10 Eugenia Amenorpenyo Efforts of health workers  in supporting, promoting and protecting breast feeding in Shama District Primary Supervisor


Completed; June 2015
12 Edith Amutty Perspectives of the various stakeholders on the CHPS initiative in the Anyaa Sub-district of Ga -Central Municipality. Primary Supervisor Completed 2016
13 Ruth Alan Knowledge and practice of EBF among nursing mothers in North Tongu district Primary Supervisor Completed 2016
14 Margaret Akudugu Contraceptive Knowledge and Use Among Adolescent Girls in Bawku Municipality, Ghana. Primary Supervisor Completed 2017
15 Ama Serwaa-Bonsu Kusi Uptake of Antenatal and Supervised Delivery services in an urban setting: Analysis of

routine data from the Madina Polyclinic.

Primary Supervisor Completed 2018
16 Richard Dery


Assessment of the literacy level of healthcare providers on infant and young child feeding in the Jirapa municipality of upper west region, Ghana. Completed 2019