Consultancy services to local, international organizations, and national governments

I have expertise in several areas including ||Research Methods, Evaluations, and Policy Analysis; in Bioethics, Public Health, Public Health Nutrition, Food Systems and Food Environment||. I provide services for clients in government, academia, not-for-profit, and some private sector actors.  I have served as lead Consultant to various United Nations Agencies (WFP, FAO, UNAIDS) non-governmental organizations/international organizations (Global Fund/France Expertise Internationale, Africa Synergy Group Plus, WAPCAS, THET, London, UK, DKT International Inc/ Grameen Foundation, Mariestopes International Ghana, ADDRO, Population Council), and national governments Ghana (Ghana AIDS Commission, National Development Planning Commission, National Population Council, Ghana Health Service), and foreign governments (the Government of Sierra Leone). I provide below a non-exhaustive list of such services. 

  • Sole Consultant. Using a food systems lens to support policymaking on healthy diets in Ghana: I developed a background paper, and facility a workshop to pilot the Global Panel Food Systems Policy Tool in Ghana. Client: The Global Panel on Agriculture and Food Systems for Nutrition 20 Bloomsbury Square, London, September 2019
  • Consultant – National Coordinator: Served as the National Coordinator and Local Principal Investigator of the study “Assessment of Knowledge Attitude and Practices on HIV, and sexual and Reproductive Health in Ghana”. Client: Health Focus GmbH, Germany (Feb – Sep 2019)
  • Lead Consultant: Food Security and Vulnerability of HIV-Affected Households in Ghana. Clients: Ghana AIDS Commission & United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), Accra. November 2018.
  • Country Expert: Rapid size estimation of people who inject drugs (PWID), including HIV prevalence at the eight (8) border sites along the Abidjan Lagos corridor. Client: Abidjan-Lagos Corridor Organization through Africa Synergy Group Plus (ASG+), Cotonou, Benin Republic. October 2017
  • Local Expert/Consultant. Development of a Concept Paper prioritizing Ghana’s HIV prevention actions within the context of the 2020 targets. Client: UNAIDS Ghana Country Office, Accra. September 2017
  • Local Expert/Consultant. Supported WAPCAS (The Ghana-West Africa Program To Combat AIDS & STI) to write a Global Fund Grant. The grant aimed to strengthen the capacity of key populations networks to meaningfully engage in in Global Fund processes in Ghana. June 2017
  • Local Expert/Consultant. Development of USD 78million Ghana’s joint HIV/TB Global Fund Grant for period 2018-2020. Client: France Expertise Internationale – Initiative 5%. May 2017
  • Team Leader – External Verification of The Performance-Based-Financing Scheme in Sierra Leone. Client: Sierra Leonean Ministry of Health And Sanitation, Reproductive And Child Health Project (RCHP II). August– November 2016
  • Lead Consultant. Review of the design and management of Health Partnership Scheme (HPS) in Ghana. Client, Tropical Health and Education Trust (THET), London, UK, April 2016
  • Lead Consultant – End of Project Evaluation: Improving Youth Reproductive Health in Ghana -Project- “No YAWA”. Clients: DKT International Inc, Ghana, Grameen Foundation, Mariestopes International Ghana. December 2015 – June 2016
  • Lead Consultant: Outcome Evaluation of Long Lasting Insecticide (LLINS) Point Distribution Campaign in the Eastern and Volta Regions, Ghana. Client: Anglican Diocesan Development and Relief Organization (ADDRO), Bolgatanga, July 2015
  • Lead Consultant: Development of Nutrition and Social Protection Issues Paper for Ghana. Client: National Development Planning Commission, Ghana. July 2015
  • Lead Consultant: Understanding the Reproductive Health Needs of Adolescents in Selected Slums in Ghana. Client: Accra office of the New York-based Population Council. April 2013.
  • Lead Consultant: Evaluation of the Integration of Family Planning into Other Health Services in Ghana: An Assessment of Four Facilities in the Ashanti and Eastern Regions, Ghana. Client: Accra office of the New York-based Population Council. December 2011.
  • Lead Consultant: Food Security and Vulnerability of HIV-Affected Households in Ghana. Client: United Nations World Food Programme (WFP), Accra. May 2011.
  • Sole Consultant: Assessment of the knowledge, attitudes and practices of residents in the Eastern Region of Ghana on malaria prevention, and treatment. Client: New York-based Population Council, and ProMPT Ghana: June 2010.
  • Sole Consultant: Gap Analysis Paper on Food and Nutrition Assistance to persons living with HIV in Ghana. Client: United Nations World Food Program, Accra. May 2010.
  • Team Member: Trend Analysis of Selected Health Indicators and the Routine Health Information System in Ghana: A Comparison of the Northern and Volta Regions. Client: UNICEF.
  • Team Member: Facilitative Supervision in Nine Districts of the Upper West Region of Ghana. Client JICA. December 2010.
  • Sole Consultant: Consulted for National Population Council, Ghana: May 2010.
  • Sole Consultant: Consulted for the Ghana Office of the New York-based Population Council: Developed Performance Monitoring and Evaluation Plan for the ProMPT Ghana Project, April 2010.

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