Six Legs to Nutrition: A New Old Food Source

Milani, P., Parker, M., Kreis, K., Wittenbrink, B., Han, Z., Zobrist, S., … Amos Laar… & Tawiah, C (2016)

Key messages

The high burden of global food insecurity and under- nutrition, the increased global emphasis on sustainable food systems, and a growing demand for animal-source protein call for increasing the supply of, and access to, sustainable animal-source foods.

Edible insects have been a part of traditional diets in many regions in Asia, Africa, and Latin America for millennia and are a highly nutritious food source, rich in macro- and micronutrients.

Farming insects as “mini-livestock” can help address food and nutrition security challenges in many settings while also generating socioeconomic and environmental benefits, as illustrated by early results emerging in Ghana.

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