Student Supervision & Mentoring

I have supervised over 70 graduate and undergraduate students from universities in Africa (e.g. Ghana, South Africa), Europe (e.g. University of Sheffield, UK), Asia (e.g. Nagasaki University of Japan), and North America (e.g. University of South Carolina, USA). Our Research Integrity Grant has trained 30 Fellows; 6 of which received scholarships to study MA in Bioethics at New York University, NY, USA.

Summary of supervisory data

Role Postdocs PhD MSc/MPH BSc/BPH
Primary supervisor 1 5 43 15
Secondary supervisor 12 2
Total 1 17 45 15
Number completed 1 11 45 15
Fellowship Training        
NYU-UG Research Integrity Training 30 Fellows 6 MA scholarships

*As of August 2021