Teaching Experience

During ten years of teaching at many levels at the University of Ghana – from undergraduate, masters, and doctoral levels, I have been constantly learning and gaining experience as to what makes an effective teacher. Prior to my appointment as a Lecturer in May 2010, I had experienced teaching as a student; but also as a teaching assistant at the University of Ghana (Department of Nutrition and Food Science) in 2004, and much later – in Fall 2010; Fall 2013, as a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the Center for Bioethics, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, MN, USA.  These and others, have offered me the opportunity to hone my teaching skills. I, therefore, have demonstrated teaching experience in public health, bioethics, and nutrition.

In my first four semesters as a Lecturer at the University of Ghana School of Public Health, I taught four different courses (Nutrition Surveillance, Diet and Diseases, Nutritional Status Assessments, and Introduction to Family Health). In the fifth semester, I developed one course anew (Public Health Approaches to HIV and AIDS), co-developed a doctoral-level course anew (Nutrition for Public Health Programming), and currently developing others – in Bioethics as part of a masters program we are about to introduce.  During my 10 years of teaching, I have been involved in graduate-level curriculum development (Executive Master of Public Health Program, Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health, and University-wide competency-based HIV course at the University of Ghana, and currently leading the development of MSc. in Bioethics curriculum). I have provided services to e University of Health and Allied Sciences, Ho, Ghana in the development and evaluation of their Bachelor of Public Health Program. I have also mentored/supervised over 70 graduate and undergraduate students from the University of Ghana, University of South Africa, the Nagasaki University of Japan, and currently from the University of Sheffield, UK.

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