Teaching Interests

Teaching Interests

I have a broad set of teaching interests. I currently teach courses in Public Health Nutrition, Global Health, and Bioethics – as outlined below.

Courses developed and/or taught

Graduate-level courses developed/taught

PFRH 674 – Public Health Approaches to HIV and AIDS (MPH Program)

BIOE 604 Teaching and Writing Methods in Bioethics (MSc. in Bioethics)

BIOE 618 Food and Nutrition Ethics (MSc. in Bioethics)

RITP 103 Development of a Collaborative Research Output (NYU-UG Research Integrity Training Program)


Undergraduate-level courses

GSPH 213 – Introduction to Research Ethics (Bachelor of Public Health Program)

GSPH 302 – Infant and Young Child Feeding (Bachelor of Public Health Program)

GSPH 453 – Diet and Diseases (Bachelor of Public Health Program)

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