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Of over 70 scholarly works of Dr. Laar, about 60 are refereed journal articles – published in international and local academic journals. Of these, 50 are indexed in Pubmed or Scopus

Refereed Journal articles that are indexed in PubMed or Scopus

Journal articles 2019 

  1. Laar, A. K., Adler, A. J., Kotoh, A. M., Legido-Quigley, H., Lange, I. L., Perel, P., & Lamptey, P. (2019). Health system challenges to hypertension and related non-communicable diseases prevention and treatment: perspectives from Ghanaian stakeholders. BMC health services research19(1), 693. Abstract »
  2. Pradeilles, R., Marr, C., Laar, A., Holdsworth, M., Zotor, F., Tandoh, A., … & Griffiths, P. L. (2019). How ready are communities to implement actions to improve diets of adolescent girls and women in urban Ghana?. BMC public health, 19(1), 646. Abstract »
  3. Kanyangarara, M., Sakyi, K., & Laar, A. (2019). Availability of integrated family planning services in HIV care and support sites in sub-Saharan Africa: a secondary analysis of national health facility surveys. Reproductive health, 16(1), 60. Abstract »
  4. Adler, A. J., Laar, A., Prieto-Merino, D., Der, R. M., Mangortey, D., Dirks, R., … & Perel, P. (2019). Can a nurse-led community-based model of hypertension care improve hypertension control in Ghana? Results from the ComHIP cohort study. BMJ open, 9(4), e026799. Abstract »
  5. Quakyi, I. A., Adjei, G. O., Sullivan, D. J., Laar, A., Stephens, J. K., Owusu, R., … & Essuman, E. (2018). Diagnostic capacity, and predictive values of rapid diagnostic tests for accurate diagnosis of Plasmodium falciparum in febrile children in Asante-Akim, Ghana. Malaria journal17(1), 468. Abstract »

Journal articles 2018

  1. Sorokowska, A., Groyecka, A., Karwowski, M., Frackowiak, T., Lansford, J. E., Ahmadi, K., … & Blumen, S. (2018). Global study of social odor awareness. Chemical senses43(7), 503-513. Abstract »
  2. Laar, A. K., Lartey, M. Y., Ankomah, A., Okyerefo, M. P., Ampah, E. A., Letsa, D. P., … & Kwara, A. (2018). Food elimination, food substitution, and nutrient supplementation among ARV-exposed HIV-positive persons in southern Ghana. Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition, 37(1), 26. Abstract »
  3. Ayanore, MA, Ofori-Asenso, R, Laar AK (2018). Predictors of Health Care Service Quality among Women Insured Under Ghana’s National Health Insurance Scheme. Annals of Global Health; 2018 84(4); 640-649Abstract »
  4. Alangea, D. O., Aryeetey, R. N., Gray, H. L., Laar, A. K., & Adanu, R. M. (2018). Dietary patterns and associated risk factors among school age children in urban Ghana. BMC Nutrition, 4(1), 22. Abstract »
  5. Owusu, A. Y., & Laar, A. (2018). Managing HIV-positive sero-status in Ghana’s most HIV concentrated district: self-perceived explanations and theoretical discourse. African Journal of AIDS Research, 17(1), 82-90. Abstract »
  6. Miles, S. H., & Laar, A. K. (2018). Bioethics North and South: Creating a common ground. Ethics, Medicine and Public Health, 4, 59-64. Abstract »

Journal articles 2017 

  1. Tenkorang, E. Y., Owusu, A. Y., Laar, A. K., & Yeboah, E. H. (2017). Housing, psychosocial and adherence counseling among HIV+ persons in Ghana. Health Promotion International. Abstract »
  2. Ofori-Asenso, R. Agyeman, AA, Laar AK (2017). Metabolic syndrome in apparently “healthy” Ghanaian adults — a systematic review and meta-analysis. International Journal of Chronic Diseases. Volume 2017 (2017) Abstract »
  3. Quakyi, I. A., Adjei, G. O., Sullivan, D. J., Stephens, J. K., Laar, A., Aubyn, V. N. A., … & Vanotoo, L. (2017). Targeted community-based interventions improved malaria management competencies in rural Ghana. Global Health Research and Policy2(1), 29. Abstract »
  4. Laar AK, Kotoh A, Parker M, Milani P, Tawiah C, Soor S, Anankware JP, Kalra N, Manu G, Tandoh A, Zobrist S, Engmann C, Pelto G (2017). An exploration of edible palm weevil larvae (akokono) as a source of nutrition and livelihood: perspectives from Ghanaian stakeholders. Food and Nutrition Bulletin; epub ahead of print. Abstract »
  5. Laar AK, Aryeetey RNO, Mpereh M, Zotor FB (2017). Improving nutrition-sensitivity of social protection programmes in Ghana. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society epub ahead of print; Abstract »
  6. Laar AK, and DeBruin D (2017). Key populations and human rights in the context of HIV services rendition in Ghana. BMC Int Health Hum Rights. 2017 Aug 2;17(1):20. Abstract »
  7. Atsu BK, Guure C, Laar AK (2017). Determinants of overweight with concurrent stunting among Ghanaian children”. BMC Pediatrics; 17 (1), 177; epub ahead of print; Abstract »
  8. Laar AK, Aryeetey RNO, Annan R, Aryee PA, Amagloh FK, Akparibo R, Laar ME, Amuna P, Zotor FB (2017). Contribution of SUN Academic Platforms to nutrition capacity strengthening in Africa: Local efforts, continental prospects, and challenges. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society; epub ahead of print; Abstract »
  9. Sorokowski P, Randall AK, Groyecka A, Frackowiak T, Cantarero K, Hilpert, P … Laar AK, … Sorokowska A (2017). Marital Satisfaction, Sex, Age, Marriage Duration, Religion, Number of Children, Economic Status, Education, and Collectivistic Values: Data from 33 Countries. Frontiers in Psychology; 8:1199. Abstract »
  10. Laar, A. K., Kwara, A., Nortey, P. A., Ankomah, A., Okyerefo, M. P., & Lartey, M. Y. (2017). Use of non-prescription remedies by Ghanaian HIV-positive persons on antiretroviral therapy. Frontiers in Public Health, 5, 115. Abstract »
  11. Kalra, N., Pelto, G., Tawiah, C., Zobrist, S., Milani, P., Manu, G., …Laar AK & Parker, M. (2017). Patterns of cultural consensus and intracultural diversity in Ghanaian complementary feeding practices. Maternal & Child Nutrition. Abstract »
  12. Lamptey, P., Laar, A., Adler, A. J., Dirks, R., Caldwell, A., Prieto-Merino, D., … & Perel, P. (2017). Evaluation of a community-based hypertension improvement program (ComHIP) in Ghana: data from a baseline survey. BMC Public Health, 17(1), 368. Abstract »
  13. Sorokowska, A., Sorokowski, P., Hilpert, P., Cantarero, K., Frackowiak, T., Ahmadi, K., … Laar AK…& Blumen, S. (2017). Preferred Interpersonal Distances: A Global Comparison. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, 48(4), 577-592. Abstract »
  14. Tenkorang, E. Y., Owusu, A. Y., & Laar, A. K. (2017). Housing and Health Outcomes of persons living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHAs) in the Lower Manya Krobo District, Ghana. Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved, 28(1), 191-215. Abstract »

Journal articles 2016 

  1. Laar, A., Sutherland, E., Gage, A. J., and Ghana KYR Study Group. (2016). Knowing your HIV/AIDS response: A pilot test of a new service mapping toolkit in Ghana. HIV & AIDS Review. Abstract »
  2. Ofori-Asenso, R., Agyeman, A. A., Laar, A., and Boateng, D. (2016). Overweight and obesity epidemic in Ghana – a systematic review and meta-analysis. BMC Public Health, 16(1), 1239. Abstract »
  3. Ankomah, A., Ganle, J. K., Lartey, M. Y., Kwara, A., Nortey, P. A., Okyerefo, M. P. K., and Laar, A. K. (2016). ART access-related barriers faced by HIV-positive persons linked to care in southern Ghana: a mixed method study. BMC Infectious Diseases, 16(1), 738. Abstract »
  4. Dun-Dery J, and Laar A.K. (2016). Exclusive breastfeeding among city-dwelling professional working mothers in Ghana. International Breastfeeding Journal DOI:10.1186/s13006-016-0083-8 Abstract »
  5. Hilpert, P., Randall, A. K., Sorokowski, P., Atkins, D. C., Sorokowska, A., Ahmadi, K., … Laar AK, … and Błażejewska, M. (2016). The Associations of Dyadic Coping and Relationship Satisfaction Vary between and within Nations: A 35-Nation Study. Frontiers in Psychology. Abstract »
  6. Adjei, A. A., Winch, P., Laar, , SullivanJr.,  D. J., … and Quakyi, I. A.  (2016). Insights into the Affordable Medicines Facility-malaria in Ghana: the role of caregivers and licensed chemical sellers in four regions. Malaria Journal, 15(1) Abstract »
  7. Aryeetey R, Laar A, Zotor F. (2016) Scaling Up Nutrition- Bridging the Gap between Research and Policy. In-Practice Brief for the Global SUN Movement Secretariat, New York NY, USA. Abstract »

Journal articles 2015 

  1. Laar AK, Aryeetey RNO, Akparibo R, Zotor F and the Ghana SUN Academic Platform. (2015). Nutrition sensitivity of the 2014 Budget Statement of Republic of Ghana. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, 2015; 74 (4), 526-532. Abstract »
  2. Gbagbo FY, Amo-Adjei J and Laar AK (2015). Decision-making for induced abortion in the Accra Metropolis, Ghana. African Journal of Reproductive Health 2015; 19 (2): 34-42. Abstract »
  3. Adjei KK, Laar AK, Narh CT, Abdulai MA, Newton S, Owusu-Agyei S and Adjei S. (2015) A comparative study on the availability of modern contraceptives and in public and private health facilities in a peri-urban community in Ghana. Reproductive Health 2015 Aug; 12:68. Abstract »
  4. Arzoaquoi SK, Essuman EE, Gbagbo FY, Tenkorang EY, Soyiri I, Laar AK (2015). Motivations for food prohibitions during pregnancy and their enforcement mechanisms in a rural Ghanaian district. Journal of Ethnobiology and Ethnomedicine (2015) 11:59. Abstract »
  5. Laar AK, DeBruin D (2015). Ethics-sensitivity of the Ghana national integrated strategic response plan for pandemic influenza. BMC Medical Ethics 2015, 16:30. Abstract »
  6. Laar AK, DeBruin DA, Craddock S (2015). Partner notification in the context of HIV: an interest-analysis. AIDS Research and Therapy 2015, 12:15 Abstract »
  7. Laar AK, Manu A, Laar M, El-Adas A, Amenyah R, Atuahene K, Quarshie D Adjei AA Quakyi I (2015). Coping Strategies of HIV-affected Households in Ghana. BMC Public Health 2015, 15(1):166. Abstract »
  8. Laar AK, Taylor AE, Akasoe BA (2015). HIV-seropositivity is not important in childbearing decision making among HIV-positive Ghanaian women receiving antiretroviral therapy. AIDS Care 2015; 27 (7), 870-875. Abstract »
  9. L’Engle KL, Green K, Succop SM, Laar AK, Wambugu S (2015). Scaled-Up Mobile Phone Intervention for HIV Care and Treatment: Protocol for a Facility Randomized Controlled Trial. JMIR Res Protoc 2015; 4(1):e11. Abstract »
  10. Aryeetey RNO Laar AK, Zotor F, Ghana SUN Academic Platform (2015). Capacity for scaling up nutrition: a focus on pre-service training in West Africa. Proceedings of the Nutrition Society, 2015; 74 (4), 533-537. Abstract »
  11. Laar AK , El-Adas A, Amenyah RN, Atuahene K, Asare E, Tenkorang EY, Laar M, Adjei AA and Quakyi I (2015) Food and nutrition assistance to HIV-infected and affected populations in Ghana: a situational analysis and stakeholder views. African Geographical Review, 34:1, 69-82. Abstract »

 Journals articles published  in 2014 or earlier.

  1. Laar AK, Amankwa B, Asiedu C (2014). Prevention-of-Mother-To-Child-Transmission of HIV Services in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Qualitative Analysis of Healthcare Providers and Clients Challenges in Ghana. International Journal of MCH and AIDS; 2014; 2(2): 244-249. Abstract »
  1. Aikins M, Laar AK, Nonvignon J, Sackey S, Ikeda T, Woode J, Nang-Beifubah A, and Nyonator F (2013). Evaluation of facilitative supervision visits in primary health care service delivery in Northern Ghana. BMC Health Services Research 2013, 13:358. Abstract »
  2. Laar AK, Grant FE, Addo Y, Soyiri I, Nkansah B, Abugri J, Laar AS, Ampofo WK, Tuakli JM, Quakyi IA (2013). Predictors of fetal anemia and cord blood malaria parasitemia among newborns of HIV-positive mothers. BMC Res Notes 2013, 6, 350. Abstract »
  3. Laar AK (2013). Reproductive rights and options available to women infected with HIV in Ghana: perspectives of service providers from three Ghanaian health facilities. BMC Women’s Health 2013,13:13. Abstract »
  4. Laar AK (2013). Is it a rights violation or lack of knowledge about options? An examination of HIV counselors’ views on whether women infected with HIV should procreate. The Pan African Medical Journal. 2013; 14:79. Abstract »
  5. Laar AK (2010). Family Planning, Abortion, and HIV in Ghanaian Print Media: A 15-month Content Analysis of a National Ghanaian Newspaper. African Journal of Reproductive Health; 14(4); 83-89. Abstract »

 Journal articles 51-58 are NOT indexed in Pubmed, or Scopus

  1. Milani, P., Parker, M., Kreis, K., Wittenbrink, B., Han, Z., Zobrist, S., … Amos Laar… & Tawiah, C. Six Legs to Nutrition: A New Old Food Source. Sight and Life, 112. Abstract »
  2. Apasera E. and Laar AK (2015). Utilization of HIV Testing and Counseling Services by Men in the Bolgatanga Municipality. International Journal of Tropical Diseases & Health. 2015; 5: 3;  Abstract »
  3. Appiah-Kubi P, Laar AK (2014). Nutritional status of school-age children in the Nkwanta south district – Volta region of Ghana. European Scientific Journal; 2014; 10:30. Abstract »
  4. Laar, AK, Fiaveh, D., Laar, M., Boatemaa, S., Abugri, J., El-Adas, A., Amenyah, R., Atuahene, K., Adjei, A. and Quakyi, I (2014). Profiles of HIV-Affected Households in Ghana. Health, 2014; 6, 2004-2013. Abstract »
  5. Laar AK (2014). Researcher vulnerability: An overlooked issue in vulnerability discourses. Scientific Research and Essays, 2014; 9(16), 737 – 743. Abstract »
  6. Laar, A. S., Laar, A. K., & Dalinjong, P. A. (2013). Community perception of malaria and its influence on health-seeking behaviour in rural Ghana: a descriptive study. Malaria World Journal4(1), 1-4. Abstract »
  7. Laar AK, Ampofo W, Tuakli JM, Norgbe GK, and Quakyi IA. (2010). Preterm delivery and low birth weight among neonates born to HIV-positive and HIV-negative Ghanaian women. Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology 2(9); 224 – 237. Abstract »
  8. Laar AK, Ampofo W., Tuakli JM., Wonodi C., Asante R. K., and Quakyi IA. (2009). Factors associated with suboptimal intake of some important nutrients among HIV-positive pregnant adolescents from two Ghanaian districts. Journal of Ghana Science Association; 11(2); 25 – 39. Abstract »
  9. Laar AK, Ampofo W., Tuakli JM., and Quakyi IA (2009). Infant feeding choices and experiences of HIV-positive mothers from two Ghanaian districts. Journal of AIDS and HIV Research 1(2); 23-33. Abstract »
  10. Laar AK, Owusu WB and Yeboah K (2004). Anthropometric Characteristics of HIV/AIDS patients in Accra, Ghana. Journal of Ghana Science Association; 6(1) pp 1-7. Abstract »

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